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CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster

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CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster
  • CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster
  • CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster
  • CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster
  • CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster
  • CZ Shadow2 BFL Kydex Holster

Open Top Kydex Holster Cz Shadow2

An unlined Kydex® holster for wear on the belt that features sturdy construction. 
* Open, belt-holster design
* Lightweight, tough and durable 
* Enables smooth and fast draw
* Includes two adjustable tension screws
  • Kydex Material

    Kydex® is a water and corrosion resistant polymer. The Kydex® holsters are solid and yet well fitting, tough and durable. These holsters are made of Kydex® sheets, in a pressing process - not injection - which make them stronger and durable. Each Kydex® holster works the same from the first day you try it until you retire it. Manufactured for wide range of gun makes and models, for both right & left handed shooters.

    Suede lining is an option for Kydex holsters, to preserve the finish of your gun.


    BFL Modular:

    MOLDED BFL FITS 1.2” (30MM), 1.5” (38MM) AND 2” (50MM) BELTS

    BFL Modular is an improved version of the standard belt wearing, prevents the holster form being snatched from the pants. No need to remove the belt. You can use the same holster with various belts and your holster will sit tight on every belt. When changing your belt, you don't need to change your holster

    • Simply unsnap the security strap.

    • Choose the proper size insert and position it on the two holes of the BFL Modular.

    • Close the security strap around your belt. BFL Modular has 8 attachments points to keep your holster in place.




    Molded Paddle fits up to 1.75” (45MM) BELTS Paddle The paddle is connected to the holster by two screws. 2 hooks hold it on your belt firmly Rough surface on the bottom keeps your holster in place.

    • Simply adjust the screws to the preferable cant angle (forward or backwards) - from vertical carrying to cross draw position.

    • Optional: Insert your belt via your pants loop into this “window” while carrying the paddle holster outside your pants

  • Raktárkészlet
    Jobb kezes:  20 db
    Balkezes:  3 db
    500 g/db
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