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SAS II EDC Government

SAS II EDC Government

SAS II EDC Government


With the high capacity magazine, smooth trigger, SAS II level of craftsmanship

attention to detail and quality, but with adaptation to everyday carry.

All this makes The SAS II EDC the perfect everyday carry companion.

With the proven durability and the safety of 2011 mechanics, you just can't 

go wrong.



    Calibers: 9 mm  / 9X21 / 9X23 / .40 S&W / 0.45 ACP / .38 Sup.

    Barrel: 4.25 / 5.0 inch ramped, bull barrel / bushing barrel / *fluted barrel.

    Finish: Black Stainless steel.

    Magazines: 2 ea / 120 mm w/ aluminum base plate

    Trigger: Approx. 3.5 -4.0 lbs w/ enlarged safety

    Sights: Fixed rear / drift adjustable front

    Weight as shown (unloaded): 962g / 2.12lbs .approx


    Product Code: SAS II EDC
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