(1.) Gabor Szabo
15/01/2019 22:30
The BUL 1911 Trophy is the best 1911 sports handgun I had ever in my hands. The extra work they put in the Factory to fit this pistol is worth every penny. The first time you rack this pistol with a smoother recoil spring 8 or 9 lbs and a bit shorter hammer spring with this excellent smooth fitting between the slide and the frame it feels like nothing else. And then you start to fire the gun, of course, it depends on your ammo as well but shoots so flat and the grip is just sticking in your palm thanks to the checkerings all around it. BUL 1911 Trophy is a perfect gun not for beginners! The Bul barrel looks so good with titanium nitrite coating even better. Bears thousands of rounds and asks almost nothing from the owner in common. If you looking for a 1911 you love to shoot with and enjoy to watch it I'm pretty sure this is the right choice. Go For It!

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