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SureStrike™ 9mm (9x19)Cartridge 780IR

SureStrike™ 9mm (9x19)Cartridge 780IR

SureStrike™ 9mm (9x19)Cartridge 780IR

Get your laser range started today with our basic 9mm cartridge. The basic 9mm cartridge may be the best bang for the buck, but is ready to grow when you are. Add our adapter kit for additional 40 / 45 calibers, or any of our other adapters, and use this 9mm cartridge with all of your other firearms. Load the SureStrike™ cartridge in your weapon following our included user guide instructions.
Offer Includes: •9mm (9x19) Cartridge IR780 •Battery
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    Article no.: 9MSSLC-780IR

    The SureStrike™ InfraRed (IR) cartridge is a 9mm (9x19) cartridge that activates by the firing pin of the gun. The InfraRed (IR) cartridge
    will convert your firearm to an invisible laser-emitting rifle or pistol. When you dry fire the SureStrike™ emits an eye-safe shot of invisible
    laser light. You get instant visual feedback on shot placement with Simulators or electronic targets. This immediate feedback from the
    SureStrike™ transforms regular plain dry fire into a powerful learning experience. Where the original SureStrike™ 9mm Cartridge emits a
    shot of visible red laser light giving instant visual feedback, the SureStrike™ 9mm IR Cartridge adds an extra layer of difficulty by using an
    infrared laser instead. Without a visible laser indicator, you must trust your sight picture and trigger control. The impact can be seen ONLY
    with a Simulator, L.A.S.R. Software, or Electronic targets that can read IR
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    100 g/pcs
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