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Flashbolt Laser Bolt for CZ BREN2

Flashbolt Laser Bolt for CZ BREN2
  • Flashbolt Laser Bolt for CZ BREN2
  • Flashbolt Laser Bolt for CZ BREN2

Flashbolt Laser Bolt for CZ BREN2

Introducing the Flashbolt Laser Bolt for CZ BREN2 - Unleash Your Firepower! Upgrade your CZ BREN2 with the revolutionary Flashbolt Laser Bolt. Engineered to enhance your shooting experience, this cutting-edge accessory will take your accuracy and precision to the next level. Why settle for just a regular bolt when you can have a laser-integrated one? The Flashbolt Laser Bolt combines the best of both worlds, providing you with unprecedented advantages on the range and in the field. Say goodbye to fumbling with separate lasers or sighting devices – with Flashbolt, everything you need is seamlessly integrated into your CZ BREN2.

  • Description


    The Flashbolt comes with a class 2 compliant laser and can be used without eye protection. Simple Drop-in device anyone can install easily

    in CZ BREN2 without the need in modification or changing your firearm. In our QuickStart Guide we provide you with all crucial

    information, so you can start training immediately. The standard battery lasts for up to 20.000 laser shots, can be easily replaced when

    emptied. The device offers a new level of compatibility and simplicity. Easy to install and adjusted to your specific needs in seconds.

    The trigger pull weight can also be tailored to your likings. Ranging from a 0,7kg match trigger to a 4,5kg combat trigger.

    It's up to you how you want to train.

    The device-programmable laser can be adjusted after your needs and trigger most today's market laser training equipment.
    Regardless if it's Electronic target shooting, or virtual range the device can trigger it.

    Model data
    Gun types: CZ BREN2

    Caliber: .223rem

    Power source
    Battery: CR123A
    Battery lifetime: approximately 20.000 laser shots

    Laser Security class
    Class 2 according to DIN EN 60825-1:2015-07
    Wave length: 650nm
    Output level: <1mw

    Different laser modes include:

    - Steady Laser: for easy alignment of the laser inside the barrel
    -Trigger Hold: laser appears as long as the trigger is pressed
    -Electronic target mode: optimized for electronic targets
    -Virtual-Range: optimized for simulators and virtual ranges

    Trigger adjustment to your trigger through color-coded buffer pieces
    Trigger pull weight: adjustable between 0,7kg – 4,5kg
    Trigger: crisp break and reset
    Cable management: standard on the left side (long cable), optional on the right side of the gun (short cable, inverted trigger switch)

    The Item includes :
    1x GSB CZ BREN2 LaserTrainingBolt including CR2032 battery

    • 1x Trigger Switch
    • 1x Quickstart Guide
    • 1x Tool Set (1x allen key)
    • 1x Spacer Set (including 2 different sizes of spacers)
  • Article No.
    500 g/pcs
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