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Due to the Covid19 outbreak and the depletion of protective mask sets and lucrative supply prices,
we switched to producing our sport face masks for an indefinite period of time (until demand).
The mask can be ordered, manufactured in Hungary locally EU!
Who knows? Could it be mandatory at your next IPSC / IDPA event? Take care guys!

  • The inner layer of cotton - Due to its good absorbency and breathability, wearing and using makes it feel good and is skin-friendly. Cotton can absorb up to 20% moisture without being wet. The feel of the cotton fibers is pleasant.

    How to use: Place your fingers in the two rubber cords. Place the mask on your nose and mouth. Place the rubber behind your head. Pull the mask on top and bottom to smooth out the grooves. The goal is to cover your face as much as possible. It can be washed at 90 ° C, can be sterilized by ironing, but it can cause damage to the rubber and shorten the life of the mask. Do not iron the rubber part!

    It is not CE certified.

    With their help, we can do much to protect those around us. Textile masks protect the wearer and the environment from liquid infections. The face mask is a natural barrier that prevents infectious saliva drops from coughing, sneezing, and spreading to another person and is, therefore, a common defense. The advantage of disposable masks on the market is that they can be reused repeatedly with proper sterilization. So it is cost and environmentally friendly. Note that no mask is 100% protected against viruses, but isolation is important to prevent infections. Be sure to remove and sterilize the face mask after 4 hours of use, disinfectant cooking, dry, and re-apply.

    The raw material may be different so the design cannot be guaranteed at this time. Currently producing in Black and Terrain, this may change later! 

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    110 g/pcs
    Minimum order quantity
    5 pcs
    Quantity options
    5 pcs, 10 pcs, 15 pcs, 20 pcs
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