Perfect for everyday use  self-defense or law enforcement purposes can be well hidden light weapons.

The Cherokee Compact ergonomically designed handle in two sizes:

  the thinner and thicker Cherokee Cherokee G

The Cherokee Compact to CAA RONI converter available.

BUL Cherokee Compact

Reliability, ruggedness, accuracy and ease  of use are all features that a combat-operative or an average civilian looks for in a pistol.

The two basic CHEROKEE models deliver these  features by offering a Simple DA/SA mechanism, state of the art materials, ergonomic non-slip griphigh capacity magazines and packed in a lightweight pacageIn addition, the CHEROKEE   models provide advanced adaptability to various accessories such as tactical light/laster and a retractable stock.

The ultimate every day carry pistol for those looking for a compact,

concealable and lightweight pistol wit a high capacity 9mm magazines.


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